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Well Street Art Co
May 2022
Somer Hahm Barbara Kalen
Loose Quilts: New Paintings, Drawings, and Soft Sculpture The Curious Eat Themselves

June 2022

Kay Goodrich

Well Street Art Gallery Collections
Dancing in the Night: An Exhibition of Abstractions Inspired by the Aurora Borealis Edward S. Curtis: Photogravures

July 2022
Gael Murakami Marianne Stolz

August 2022
Steven Godfrey Alanna Derocchi

September 2022
David Rosenthal David Rosenthal

November 2022
Teresa Shannon George Gianakopoulos

December 2022
Robby Mohatt Iris Sutton

January 2023

February 2023
Ryan Matthews TBA

March 2023
Tina Shih TBA

April 2023


Upcoming Exhibitions  

Carol Wilbur, Untitled, 7.5" x 9.5", watercolor.

Vladimir Zhikhartsev, Dancing Alaska Spirits, 22" x 30", watercolor.


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