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Well Street Art Co
January 2017
Paul Stark Mary Matthews and Ryan Matthews
painting mixed media scuplture and drawing

February 2017
In a Time of Change: Microbial Worlds Group show

March 2017
George Giannakopoulos Craig Cheledinas and Erica Meyers
Ceramics and Painting

April 2017
Fairbanks Watercolor Society

May 2017
Gail Priday 24 artist/24 hours Invitational show

June 2017
Book Arts Guild

July 2017
J.R. Ancheta

Augustl 2017
Edward C. Curtis

September 2017
Elizabeth Eero Irving Don Decker

October 2017
Lynn Cornberg John Jodwalis and Ryota Kajita

November 2017
Jim Brashear Klara Maisch
ceramics painting


Upcoming Exhibitions  

Golf Series 3 by Paul Stark, oil on canvas


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